• Heath Industrial  concentrates on appraising the value of industrial and commercial equipment. Our clients are typically asset-based and commercial lenders,  as well as private companies looking to ascertain the value of business assets.  

     We work with clients in the fields of:

    • metalworking
    • metal fabricating
    • woodworking
    • furniture industry
    • sawmills
    • plastics and rubber
    • printing and binding
    • food processing
    • pharmaceuticals and chemicals
    • electronics
    • construction and transportation

    Our appraisals takes into account several factors that can influence value such as:

    • Age?
    • New cost?
    • Are like machines still in use?
    • How easily can the items be removed from a plant?
    • Does demand exist for the equipment?
    • What’s the lead time for new equipment?
    • Geographic location?
    • Does the property present environmental problems?
    • Is it associated with hazardous waste?

"Without the proper information, complied by professionals, you do not get an appraisal based on reliable data, you get a valuation based on academic guesswork. "

In addition, Heath Industrial works closely with our auction division to establish asset values. This is more fully explained in the auction / appraisal relationship. If you are in need of an appraisal, contact our appraisal division at 224-836-4700, or click here to contact us directly.