The Auction / Appraisal Relationship

If you are seeking financing for an asset-based loan, or you are attempting a leveraged buyout, you need a realistic appraisal.
If your business is involved in litigation, or you are evaluating machinery and equipment as an ongoing business, you need a reliable estimate of value. Our appraisals are conducted in the following categories:

  • public auction sale value
  • orderly liquidation value
  • fair market value
  • in-place value
  • replacement value

At Heath Industrial, we know the inherent value of what we sell and understand the values that can be realized at a properly advertised, prepared, and conducted public auction sale. In short, our firm provides clients with solutions.

We don’t deal in abstractions. We don’t rely on complicated formulas and sophisticated mathematical equations. We have first-hand, on-site experience as appraisers. We have direct day-to-day knowledge of the market and insight into how the market fluctuates. We have an extensive computer database of auction sale histories which we use to research and verify our on-site impressions.

Banks rely on us because our understanding of our clients’ business is real. We understand the nuts and bolts of their operations and what their fixed assets are worth in the marketplace. This tradition of understanding sets Heath Industrial apart.